Stop the world for a moment and step into a place unlike any other. A place where you can recharge your batteries, replenish your energy levels and unwind your mind. Welcome to the ultimate spa experience.

Leave the world far behind… Take your idea of perfect comfort and unashamed luxury. Now multiply it a thousand fold. The spa at St George’s Park is simply unlike any you have ever experienced. Step through the door and you step into a world of tranquillity and serenity – a haven of peace and calm that all at once envelops you and flows through you.


The warmest of welcomes instantly tells you that you are somewhere very special, with attentive and experienced staff responsive to your every need.

Come into the lounge area, where discussion is positively encouraged. Tell us how you are feeling… what your mood is… and you will be given a personalised essence to suit, complete with hot or cold oshibori towel for complete relaxation.

Next you will be taken to your locker area (pre-prepared with your chosen essence) where you can change into more comfortable attire. Following that, we invite you to ‘decompress your mind,’ as a soothing eye pillow is placed over your eyes, enhancing the senses of both touch and smell. Finally, after your main treatment is over, you will be gently ‘detached’ from this cocoon of serenity and ‘reconnected’ with the everyday world, with a full body stretch, cup of aromasoul tea to invigorate the senses and a wrist ribbon with your chosen essence.

Totally bespoke treatments and experiences, exclusive to The spa at St George’s Park. You may never want to leave…

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