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1/2 Leg

Waxing of the Lower leg and knee with warm wax.

Price : £20.00


Back Wax

Hair removal with a honey wax from the whole of the back area

Price : £20.00



Waxing of the Bikini area with warm wax. Please note this is not a brazilian style wax.

Price : £15.00


Eye Brow

Price : £15.00


French Manicure

Beautiful, natural nails are timeless. Enjoy healthy natural nails by first soaking in a nail Whitening bath. Next, your cuticles – the gateway to healthy nail growth – are groomed and nourished. A light moisturizing lotion is massaged into the skin, followed by expertly applied, long-lasting French nail lacquer application.

Price : £45.00


Full Leg & Bikini

Waxing of the full leg with a warm honey wax. This does include the bikini area, but please note this is not a brazilian style bikini wax.

Price : £42.00

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